Crafty Friday: BIGBANG VIP crown headband

Day 12 until BIGBANG Alive tour in Manila. *shaking* ♫♬♪ (ノ゚ο゚)ノ∵*゜★

What you'll need:
-Mighty bond glue (or anything stronger than craft glue)
-Yellow crown material
  • felt cloth
  • rubberized foam
  • poster paper/board, cartolina
  • illustration board (usually a set with other colors)
  • any material hard enough so it will stay upright

DIY BIGBANG VIP crown headband (c)

Went at it the wrong way *lol* I made a pattern out of bond paper then realized it's too flimsy so I pasted it to a board. If you're happy with your crown's shape, cut and trace to the crown material.

DIY BIGBANG VIP crown headband (c)

Trace the curve of the headband. Cut the curve so the crown will fit perfectly. Don't forget to slightly mark the points where you'll stick the crown. Apply glue, find your mark, and attach the crown to the headband.


DIY BIGBANG VIP crown headband (c)

Other things you can do to customize your BIGBANG VIP crown:
  • Take out a black marker and write your favorite member's name.
  • or Trace out BIGBANG's "B" logo
  • If you have rhinestones or crystal beads, attach it to the corners.

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