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Long time no post. I'm actually going through a very difficult time now. I wasn't going to come back here for a while but I have responsibilities. I should at least post this one. :)

Last week, October 24, was BIGBANG Alive tour in Manila. Despite what's happening in my life now, I'm happy that I had BIGBANG to ease the pain somehow. I also felt blessed still, who would have known I'd win rehearsal tickets thanks to Nuffnang and Samsung. I don't have any luck in contests so I really think God gave this to me to show me that there's hope. I really want to thank Nuffnang and Samsung and give them all the love but this all I can think of doing.

I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures because there were so many people! There were only 2 booths (Samsung & Jeju Air) but I didn't have time to go to both :( I didn't get the freebies too. *cry* I got there around 1 pm. It was already packed! I bought a BIGBANG lightstick, ate lunch and met with the Nuffnang representative. We got in line for the rehearsals at 3pm but we didn't get inside until around 4pm.

BIGBANG Samsung Galaxy booth from

BIGBANG Rehearsal tickets from

My Rehearsal pass!!!

BIGBANG Rehearsal pass from

More photos under the cut:

BIGBANG rehearsal VIP line from

VIP's lining up for Rehearsal :) I think all tickets came from Samsung contests.

BIGBANG rehearsal VIP line from

I SAW THEM SUPER UP CLOSE T^T !!!! Their faces are burned in my head especially Daesung. Ah I really think he's my favorite member (although I still love all the members!). Taeyang went down the stage and was fingertips away from us but the bouncers were very serious with their jobs. tsk (lol) They didn't allow cameras during rehearsals. I really wanted to take Daesung's picture because he was much hotter without makeup. /end fangirl rant

They started letting people in around 6PM but we were still outside at 8PM which was the start of the concert. I really think SM MOA Arena could have been much more organized. We missed the intro, Tonight and half of Hands Up. Some of my friends got in after the 5th song and there were still more outside! I  felt really bad but at least we didn't miss that much and I got to see them during rehearsals. How about those that flew from provinces and missed so many performances??!

BIGBANG Alive tour crowd from

BIGBANG Alive tour crowd from

BIGBANG Alive tour crowd from

BIGBANG Alive tour crowd from

The concert itself is AMAZING. I've seen all of BIGBANG's previous concert DVD's so I know how awesome they are so I was just taking in the moment. I was finally watching them perform live. Halfway through the concert, my ears can't hear properly anymore (from the loud sounds & scream of fans), I lost my voice and my feet hurt. Despite all that, I was having the time of my life. I was trying to burn the concert to my memory, afraid I'll forget when it's over. It's going to be a long time till we see them again. :(

My BIGBANG crown lightstick from

Everyone stayed for 20-30 minutes after encore. There is no dull moment in a BIGBANG concert. We were mostly standing, jumping and dancing! So I guess we all started feeling the leg pains after.

BIGBANG Alive tour crowd from

Encore in Philippines @ Alive GALAXY Tour 2012 (shot by Samsung Galaxy SIII)

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