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Hello! How is everyone? This is me >now. Just chillin. I'm on hiatus so there won't be much posts here for a while. I'm on twitter and instagram (@heyladyspring) sometimes. :)

I'm resurfacing because I want to thank Dilettante single mom, yobabsy and My Baby my Star for these awards. And sorry for posting this so late ( ̄◇ ̄)ゞ. Since the two awards have different rules; to the blogs I'm tagging please check the links above for the rules. I'm not going to list them here anymore. Also, to shorten this post I'm only posting answers for the Liebster award. Thank you again for choosing my blog :)

I'm tagging these blogs for Liebster Award:
  1. Running Vibrant
  2. iHeart Good Health
  3. Toned down and Vintage
  4. Random x Thoughts
  5. Before I turn 25
  6. In Love with Sunflower
  7. Where the Moon Shines
I'm tagging these blogs for Versatile Blogger:
  1. Little Forest Girl
  2. Zooming Japan
  3. Say Hey Ayla
  4. The Four-eyed Wonder
  5. Quiet Girl
  6. Nothing Spaces
  7. Chasing Dreams
  8. Island girl traveler
  9. Between Coordinates 
  10. Mansilliana Sunday
  11. Bored and Crafty
  12. Tigerlily and Free
  13. The Purple Doll
  14. Dekaphobe

What are your hobbies/interests?

I have a lot of hobbies and interests. It's why personal blogging appeals to me. It's hard to concentrate on just one thing for long periods of time so I switch from one interest to another.

What is your favorite food/cuisine?

Japanese food, Meat grilling restaurants (mostly Korean grills), Pasta and my Mom's cooking :)

What movies do you watch over and over and OVER again, and you never get tired of it?

Remember the Titans and October Sky.

How do you feel receiving an award like this?

A feeling of happiness and pride in what I do. Though my voice is small, I don't want to just add into the "internet noise". I want to write and inspire people with my posts. I'm always wishing that years from now someone will find my old posts and consider them useful.

Hot choco or hot coffee?

Lately, I'm liking coffee more. The instant kind~ I'm not a fan of expensive coffee.

What is your pet peeve?

Improper or careless use of words directed towards a person. I think I've mentioned that words fascinate me. The reason I read is because I love how different words are used and paired with each other to create a feeling or image. So when people use hurtful words even if meant as a joke, I still feel hurt and angry. Usually words like you're "selfish", "stupid", "ugly", "unworthy (walang kwenta)", "bitch", "slut", etc., are words that are used all the time like they have no meaning [especially on the internet]. Words have meanings and should never be directed at a person if you don't mean them.

What is your "special" talent? Does not matter if it isn't extraordinary! :D

Ugh I seriously don't know XD

What is your favorite book/novel to read?

Harry Potter.

What is your favorite place to hangout with family or friends?

My house, their house, or a restaurant.

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Most people don't like when it rains. It's gloomy and difficult to go anywhere. But I love days like this. I love watching from outside my window, I love the cool breeze, I love the sound of raindrops, I love everything about it except when it destroys of course. I don't know if it's true but they say people who are born in cool months will prefer the same weather all throughout. In fact I hate the summer months, I can't stand the heat and the sun!

What is your favorite color?

It depends. On clothes, I prefer dark colors like gray, black, green, purple, blue, etc. On gadgets, I like red. On my websites, I prefer pink & silver-gray.

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