Practice what you preach

This quote has long been an inside joke among me and my classmates. We study how to fix the human body and yet our own bodies are subjected to improper posture and bad habits. Years of carrying around 3-4 medical books every day (weekends spent in the library or group study), forward neck posture from prolonged use of the computer, prone to depression, unhealthy weight gain or loss, back-breaking work carrying or assisting patients and many more. *sigh*

There is a total disconnect between my attitude at work and at home. In other words If I were my patient, Lady- the therapist is totally ranting about Lady-the patient on her secret livejournal right about now. [laughs]

Lately I'm starting to feel I should take my own advice and ergonomic-proof my home work space, i.e. my bed. Also because my neck & back pains are starting to get worse. First agenda is to get myself more pillows. Another option is to get a specialized back wedge. So I don't have to keep punching my pillows into place.

Clark rubber catalogue has more of these foams for any type of spine support such as leg wedge (though you can use any normal pillow as alternative), lumbar roll, and angled seat cushion. I may actually need the latter as well since I switch between lying down and sitting cross-legged on my bed.


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