Life recently... #24

hee I'm a happy bee. I only had 2 unfinished August goals. How about that! *proud* haha I know it's not much but for a person whose laziness is a major problem. This is quite an achievement. I'm starting to stick to my promises. Yeah!

Reading Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard book via

I had to re-read 2 books because I was so engrossed in the story, I failed to write in my book journal. :( I'm doing this because my memory is like a black hole where information gets sucked in but can't get out when I need it to.

Japanese fabric from Cotton Depot MOA via

Macaroni with sardines weird recipe via

Explored Cubao Expo one August weekend. I only got to take a few blurry shots because I didn't want to be seen. I've been told most shops don't want to be photographed.

Milk snack bar below Art19b in Cubao Expo via

This is the old gallery of Art19B. They opened a branch in SMnorth Interior Zone & permanently moving in Katipunan.

Old gallery Art19b in Cubao Expo via

Old gallery Art19b in Cubao Expo via

Old gallery Art19b in Cubao Expo via

"In the first few seconds an aching sadness wrenched his heart, but it soon gave way to a feeling of sweet disquiet, the excitement of gypsy wanderlust"
Mikhail Bulgakov

My feet wandering around Cubao Expo via

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