If I had a balcony

Sometimes, I wonder what would life have been like if we decided on a unit with balcony. Never mind that we live on a 40+ story building and we're on the 3rd highest floor! *haha* It would have been perfect for cloud watching or stargazing. Or a (not so) secret place for reading and drinking coffee. How about a mini garden? I could grow tomatoes and herbs!

But the real selling point is having a proper place to dry my laundry. Oh and hopefully more natural light inside my house.

fantastikfrank.se apartment balcony design
I keep a folder on my laptop for balcony inspirations. I look at it from time to time, torturing myself in the process. :( Daydreaming myself away on what my balcony would look like.

fantastikfrank.se apartment balcony design fantastikfrank.se apartment balcony design

Aren't these cozy?! I can sit here all day!

Alvhem apartment balcony design

Alvhem apartment balcony design

Look at these amazing foliage!~ I really want to try growing herbs :( but there isn't much sunlight going through my small windows. *sad*

Alvhem apartment balcony design

I wish it's mandatory to put plants on top of buildings or on balconies. For every space we take from nature we should restore her footprint as much as we can. Then maybe the air we breathe would be a lot cleaner.

skeppsholmen.se apartment balcony design

I guess the only downside is Manila's weather. We get half a year of rain and sometimes even more. ^-^; What to do with the furniture?!

How about you? What would you do if you had a balcony?

Photos © 1-3 fantasticfrank.se + 4-6 Alvhem + 7 skeppsholmen.se