Gdragon "That XX" MV + Art by Kildren

G-Dragon is the leader of South Korean group BIGBANG. "That XX" is one of the tracks in his second album. It's about a guy lamenting over the girl he loves who fail to notice him in favor of a cheating boyfriend. GD chose to censor the MV himself (notice the bleeps) and voluntarily tagged his album 19+ because South Korea has an age rating policy for music & MV's. "That XX" is supposed to be "That bastard".

Check out That XX translated lyrics at bigbangupdates.

Kildren painting titled High and Dry

Meanwhile these are the paintings used on his MV. The artist name is Kildren. It's only now that I realized my love for ethereal paintings with people as subject. It could be totally black with little hints of color. My latest color crush is GOLD!

Kildren painting titled Luv Sic no.2

Bright bold colors applied in almost graffiti like way. I totally love this painting!

Kildren painting titled Too drunk to fuck

I WANT this painting!!!

Kildren painting titled Big Youth

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