BC Bloggers Meme: 5 Inspirational Quotes I live by

It's official. I'm addicted to blog meme's!!! BC Bloggers has one every week and I want to join all of them but I got to blog about other stuff too! *laughs*

Rochelle of Running Vibrant is hosting this week's topic "5 inspirational Quotes you live by". I love her blog. I'm probably the most excited when she announced she's going on an exchange program to Korea. HOW AWESOME IS THIS?!

Anyhow, on to this post. *lol got sidetracked sorry* I'm only listing 4 quotes although I like many and spam my SNS accounts with them. I am quick to fall in love with words. That's really why I read a lot. But I'm surprised myself, it turns out these 4 are the ones I believe in the most.

If you're happy in your head, then solitude is blessed. Tanya Davis quote - Heyladyspring.com
From "How to be Alone" poem by Tanya Davis.

Hope is the thing with feathers. Emily Dickinson quote - Heyladyspring.com
See full poem here: heyladyspring tumblr

All you have to do is fly - Heyladyspring.com
See full quote here: heyladyspring tumblr

Don't think about making art, just get it done. Andy Warhol quote - Heyladyspring.com
See full quote here: Andy Warhol

I post my other favorite quotes on tumblr. Please check them out :)

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