2012 Korean Film Festival

How about that! Another film festival to attend. Sponsored by the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines. It will be held at 3 major malls: SM Megamall, SM Baguio, and SM Cebu. Check the schedule below. Admissions are free. Just go to the cinema ticket booth.

2012 Korean film festival Philippines

Movie summaries below this cut ▼

Korean film Highway Star
1. Highway Star
Ever since I saw Cha Tae-Hyun in My Sassy girl, I became an instant fan. He has a happy-go-lucky persona in most of his movies and also in real life. His guest appearances in Family Outing & Running Man are the ones I re-watch over and over again. He's just so silly and funny. I love his 'idiot' facial expressions. *lol* Another movie of his that's on my very long watchlist is Hello Ghost. Check out the poster...hahaha..his facial expression is priceless!

Korean film Spellbound
2. Spellbound
Who knew rom-com and horror can actually work?
The horror parts look damn scary but treated with lighthearted comedic effect. Definitely watching this!!!

It reminds me a bit of Lindsay Lohan's movie Just my Luck—both the storyline and poster. Is it just me?

I won't include the trailers for the rest, click the links below to go to their respective wiki page. The trailers have English subtitles.

3. Late Blossom
 - I don't usually watch movies about old age because they tend to be melodramatic which leave me sad for days. I might give this one a try since I'm not going to watch it alone. I find it's easier to not get attached to a story if you have company.

4. Barefoot Dream
- I love sports movies especially the ones based on true stories. Though they all pretty much have the same movie formula. I might check this out if I have more time.

5. Bunt
- Another melodrama. :( I'm sure it's a good movie considering it stars one of Korea's veteran actors but it looks sad all throughout so I'm not going to watch. I've seen Jung Jin-Young act and he's no joke. I'm sure I'm going to bawl my eyes out if I watch this.

6. Jeon Woo Chi
7. Arahan
- Whoah this two look high budget. Not my kind of movie though. So I'll pass!

2012 Korean film festival SM Megamall screening
NOTE: SEPT 18 SCREENING will be at CINEMA 4, the rest will be at CINEMA 9

2012 Korean film festival SM Baguio screening 2012 Korean film festival SM Cebu screening

Don't have any plans on a weekday after work? Lazy weekends spent at home?
Drop by on one these dates and get a free movie pass! It might just surprise you :)

Links: KCC facebook; photos © hancinema + asianwiki

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