Crafty Friday: Map bunting

Craft map bunting -

The feeling of wanderlust has not quite left me yet. I often find myself daydreaming about my future travels. *too excited?! lol* I hope they won't end up as just dreams.

Playing with maps -

I carefully cut out the countries I want to visit. Hoping that seeing them often will motivate me to work harder. I can't wait for the day this would mean something else. Fighting fighting ya ya ya ya! ♪( ノ^-^)ノ

Craft map bunting diy from

Thank you!

Versatile Blogger Liebster Award Versatile Blogger

Hello! How is everyone? This is me >now. Just chillin. I'm on hiatus so there won't be much posts here for a while. I'm on twitter and instagram (@heyladyspring) sometimes. :)

I'm resurfacing because I want to thank Dilettante single mom, yobabsy and My Baby my Star for these awards. And sorry for posting this so late ( ̄◇ ̄)ゞ. Since the two awards have different rules; to the blogs I'm tagging please check the links above for the rules. I'm not going to list them here anymore. Also, to shorten this post I'm only posting answers for the Liebster award. Thank you again for choosing my blog :)

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Crafty Friday: Origami crane mobile

This is actually the first time I'm doing origami. When I was in high school, my classmates used to fold hearts for Valentine's day. During class, they mindlessly make multicolored lucky stars and put them on small jars. However, I didn't find them interesting enough. When I got hooked into Japanese dramas, I saw an image of a crane made with beautiful Japanese paper. So it was fate that my favorite origami pattern became the paper crane. Lucky for me it's one of the easiest to make. Also, it carries an inspiring story which makes it all the more meaningful for anyone who want to try it out.

It's going to be tl;dr at this point. So if you want to see the tutorial and scroll past the history lesson, click here.

Have you heard of the legend of a thousand paper cranes? It says that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. It became relevant in modern Japanese culture because of a girl named Sadako Sasaki. She became sick with leukemia from exposure to radiation during WWII. Upon hearing the legend from her Mom, she decided to fold a thousand paper cranes to pray for healing. She worked on more than 1000 cranes because her wish wasn't granted. She died still working on them.

Children's peace monument -

Thousands of colorful origami cranes—sent from around the world—decorates a park in Hiroshima today. In it a statue of a girl holding a large origami crane stands tall, known as the Children's Peace Monument, as a cry for peace and reminder of the sad consequences of war.

Children's peace monument -

Life recently... #25

The last two weeks had not been productive. My sleeping pattern is messed up so I sleep or zone out at odd hours. And I'm glued to the computer again, watching marathons of We Got Married videos I downloaded recently. Why I'm obsessing about fake virtual married couples has no explanation except that they're just so entertaining to watch! ♪( ^-^)/

I better snap back to reality soon because this blog is running out of queued posts! *laughs* And I need to finish my reading list this month and start on another craft project. Fighting fighting ya ya ya (。◕‿‿◕。)ノシ

New craft materials -

one. Went on a shopping frenzy again. *lol*

Origami paper cranes -

two. a new craft obsession. Origami paper cranes!

Now and Then

Now and Then is a 1995 coming of age film about 4 girls spending a typical summer in their peaceful town. In between saving money for a tree house, understanding boys, and dealing with family problems. They find a cracked tombstone of a boy called "Dear Johnny" while sneaking inside the local cemetery. Believing they disturbed his spirit they vowed to find out what happened to him.

Soon they realize that their small town and everything they had come to know is suddenly not as perfect as they thought. They learn that there are no normal families. That there is more to a person than what we see on the surface. And pain, suffering & violence existed.

"We all used to try so hard to fit in. We wanted to look exactly alike, do all the same things, practically be the same person, but when we weren't looking that all changed. The tree house was supposed to bring us more independence, but what the summer actually brought was independence from each other."

Now and Then film tree house

If I had a balcony

Sometimes, I wonder what would life have been like if we decided on a unit with balcony. Never mind that we live on a 40+ story building and we're on the 3rd highest floor! *haha* It would have been perfect for cloud watching or stargazing. Or a (not so) secret place for reading and drinking coffee. How about a mini garden? I could grow tomatoes and herbs!

But the real selling point is having a proper place to dry my laundry. Oh and hopefully more natural light inside my house. apartment balcony design

BC Bloggers Meme: 5 Inspirational Quotes I live by

It's official. I'm addicted to blog meme's!!! BC Bloggers has one every week and I want to join all of them but I got to blog about other stuff too! *laughs*

Rochelle of Running Vibrant is hosting this week's topic "5 inspirational Quotes you live by". I love her blog. I'm probably the most excited when she announced she's going on an exchange program to Korea. HOW AWESOME IS THIS?!

Anyhow, on to this post. *lol got sidetracked sorry* I'm only listing 4 quotes although I like many and spam my SNS accounts with them. I am quick to fall in love with words. That's really why I read a lot. But I'm surprised myself, it turns out these 4 are the ones I believe in the most.

If you're happy in your head, then solitude is blessed. Tanya Davis quote -
From "How to be Alone" poem by Tanya Davis.

Hope is the thing with feathers. Emily Dickinson quote -
See full poem here: heyladyspring tumblr

All you have to do is fly -
See full quote here: heyladyspring tumblr

Don't think about making art, just get it done. Andy Warhol quote -
See full quote here: Andy Warhol

I post my other favorite quotes on tumblr. Please check them out :)

[Read my previous posts: Things that make me happy / 5 Money saving tips] Join our blog community and meet awesome people!


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Gdragon "That XX" MV + Art by Kildren

G-Dragon is the leader of South Korean group BIGBANG. "That XX" is one of the tracks in his second album. It's about a guy lamenting over the girl he loves who fail to notice him in favor of a cheating boyfriend. GD chose to censor the MV himself (notice the bleeps) and voluntarily tagged his album 19+ because South Korea has an age rating policy for music & MV's. "That XX" is supposed to be "That bastard".

Check out That XX translated lyrics at bigbangupdates.

2012 Korean Film Festival

How about that! Another film festival to attend. Sponsored by the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines. It will be held at 3 major malls: SM Megamall, SM Baguio, and SM Cebu. Check the schedule below. Admissions are free. Just go to the cinema ticket booth.

2012 Korean film festival Philippines

Movie summaries below this cut ▼

Practice what you preach

This quote has long been an inside joke among me and my classmates. We study how to fix the human body and yet our own bodies are subjected to improper posture and bad habits. Years of carrying around 3-4 medical books every day (weekends spent in the library or group study), forward neck posture from prolonged use of the computer, prone to depression, unhealthy weight gain or loss, back-breaking work carrying or assisting patients and many more. *sigh*

There is a total disconnect between my attitude at work and at home. In other words If I were my patient, Lady- the therapist is totally ranting about Lady-the patient on her secret livejournal right about now. [laughs]

Lately I'm starting to feel I should take my own advice and ergonomic-proof my home work space, i.e. my bed. Also because my neck & back pains are starting to get worse. First agenda is to get myself more pillows. Another option is to get a specialized back wedge. So I don't have to keep punching my pillows into place.

Clark rubber catalogue has more of these foams for any type of spine support such as leg wedge (though you can use any normal pillow as alternative), lumbar roll, and angled seat cushion. I may actually need the latter as well since I switch between lying down and sitting cross-legged on my bed.


Life recently... #24

hee I'm a happy bee. I only had 2 unfinished August goals. How about that! *proud* haha I know it's not much but for a person whose laziness is a major problem. This is quite an achievement. I'm starting to stick to my promises. Yeah!

Reading Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard book via

I had to re-read 2 books because I was so engrossed in the story, I failed to write in my book journal. :( I'm doing this because my memory is like a black hole where information gets sucked in but can't get out when I need it to.

Japanese fabric from Cotton Depot MOA via

2012 book challenge: The Graveyard Book

2012 Reading Challenge of HeyLadySpring

I started reading The Graveyard book ahead of everything in my reading list. I needed something to help me cope with a recent death. This video clip from Wit was enough to calm me down but I needed secondary medication. *lol* So I picked up this book and I'd like to think it helped me a bit. It did open a slew of other deep-seated emotions but hey maybe that's for another book to deal with. [hahaha] Am I seriously treating these books as therapists?!

Anyhow, I'm new at this book review thing and I have no idea what to write about. So I will leave the awesome reviews to the pros. This is not a serious review. (Disclaimer!) I'm going to make my life easier and just copy what I wrote in my book journal. I hope they make sense! Good luck~ [haha]

Neil Gaiman Graveyard book knife;

There was a hand in the darkness, and it held a knife.

A children's story that starts with murder? Traumatize the kids yeah!~ But honestly I don't think it's that violent. If I had read this when I was 11 or 12, I would love it just the same. It has plenty of heart and I would recommend it to any age group. It's the kind of story written for kids but can teach a thing or two to adults as well.

The story starts with a man named Jack, set out to murder a family. Except, he fails. The baby boy crawls all the way out of the open door up the hill towards an old graveyard. A ghost couple, the Owens' and a mysterious man — which is neither dead nor living — decide to take care of him.

It is going to take more than just a couple of good-hearted souls to raise this child.
It will take a graveyard.



1st year college volunteering to build houses for Aeta's

After posting several melancholic posts the past few weeks and reading all your comments. I promised myself I'll stop feeling sad for the choices I made in the past. I'm still young. I can still do what I wasn't able to do when I was in college. The things I had to give up because of my dream (aka finish one of the most grueling course in UST). Now, I can do all those and more.

The only one stopping me is myself. While I was busy with life, I lost my youthful courage.

I used to go on sudden trips (to Baguio) without any clear plans of where I was going. I joined Red Cross and the UST Crisis Management team, switched PE to tag along with the Yellow Jackets, and volunteered to build houses for Aeta's. We climbed a no name mountain in Tarlac to get to the Sitio. I don't remember ever being happy than when I finally saw some rooftops! Oh that trip was dreadful but it was also very fulfilling. We built houses for 30 families. The kids escorted us everywhere, gave us "nilagang kamote" (boiled sweet potato) during snack time and taught us how to sing a lullaby. On our third day, we camped outside and saw the first meteor shower I have ever seen in my life! It was magical.

Nevertheless, like most of you reminded me, I can only move forward and should stop dwelling on the past.

“There's a race of men that don't fit in,
A race that can't sit still;
So they break the hearts of kith and kin, And they roam the world at will.
They range the field and rove the flood,
And they climb the mountain's crest; Their's is the curse of the gypsy blood,
And they don't know how to rest.”

-Robert W. Service

My HS friends and I are planning a trip to Singapore & Malaysia to start 2013. I halfheartedly said I would go but now the feeling of wanderlust is slowly coming to me.

In the next five years [this is me dreaming *haha*] I hope to visit 2-3 more countries. I need to make a lot of changes to my lifestyle if I really go for this. I need to get a passport. I need more traveling buddies. I need to lose weight. I need to spend less. I need more work. I need to get a proper camera! I need a backpackers insurance. You never know what will happen — accidents, food poisoning, stolen or damaged items! These are what makes traveling "troublesome" for me. It's better to cover your bases than feel helpless in a foreign country.

Anyhow, I'm eye-ing these countries: Japan — Korea — Thailand & Cambodia — India, Nepal & Bhutan — China. Now I'm super excited! :)