Pretty things: Evangelione

These are the works of Mei Ying from Malaysia. She makes miniatures and tiny fabric dolls. Look how tiny these are. And I shamelessly complain when I start sewing hands & feet of my own doll?! I need practice. Yes!

Evangelione handmade dolls via

Evangelione handmade doll via

Her dolls are a complete package. They have this unique look that if you see them you'd know they're Evangelione dolls. I love her dolls' bratty face. They remind me of Pullip Dal & Konata (Lucky Star). *laughs* Their retro hairstyles fit each doll well. And their dresses are impeccably made. What is harder than sewing tiny hands and feet? Sewing a dress with full sleeves and tiny collars!

Evangelione handmade doll via

Evangelione handmade doll via

Aren't they cute?

She's having an exhibition of her latest collection titled "What's in the Garden?". If you're in Malaysia. Lucky you! (╥_╥) I want to go. I want to see her dolls close up.

edit: And here are photos of the Evangelione exhibit!

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