Life recently... #23

SM Mall of Asia Ferris wheel; HeyLadySpring

SM Mall of Asia Ferris wheel sunset; HeyLadySpring

My High school friend went home from Singapore. Surprise visit for his Mom. He bought her a condo [Same one I'm!]. We toured him around Manila, mainly MOA, North-Trinoma and around UP. He was worried we wouldn't be able to go out because of the rain & flood. Thankfully the monsoon has moved on and we got 2 days of sunshine.

P.S. We went around by MRT-LRT. I really like traveling by train [but not during rush hour :p]

SM Mall of Asia Ferris wheel; HeyLadySpring

Yesh outside photos! I plan to go out every weekend now. Hearing my friend's stories made me question if this is the best I can do with my life. I want to go out and see beautiful things. I want to discover new things. I want to move.

Although I love my sedentary lifestyle, I think I need to change it up a bit. I used to be full of thirst to go around Manila but pretty soon I got used to every day life that it (Manila) doesn't excite me anymore. I should make a list of places to discover. Tourist in Manila ang peg! haha~

SM Mall of Asia Coffee Bean; HeyLadySpring

Obligatory food spam.. *yum* *yum*

UP Technohub Mezza Norte steak; HeyLadySpring

Indulge the glutton. UP-Technohub, Mezza Norte, Thursday to Saturday 6PM-3AM.

UP Technohub Mezza Norte hotpot; HeyLadySpring

UP Technohub Mezza Norte hotpot; HeyLadySpring

dragged him in BubbleTea. My favorite food place.

SM North BubbleTea; HeyLadySpring

SM North BubbleTea Miso Udon; HeyLadySpring

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