How I plan to be a productive reader

So it's August and I have only read 1 book since January. I'm distracted by my blog, reading emails, twitter, blogs etc,. I'm subscribed to over a 100 blogs on my google reader. I still have a thousand updates left unread. Fact is I can't stay away from the internet.

Now I'm not saying reading blogs are a waste. I'm a visual learner so I enjoy looking at photographs made by different people across the globe. I love following artists and their creative process. I love listening to snippets of my favorite musician's new songs. I love the instant feed of various bits of information. I learn about a lot of things in a speed of light.

This unfortunately resulted in my inability to process information slowly. I get bored easily when I'm reading. I can't sit still for an hour to read a book anymore (my longest time is 20-30mins) :/ I can't focus on one subject at a time. I get agitated when I'm left with my own thoughts. I always have music or Harry Potter audiobooks blaring because I hate the silence.

This situation calls for drastic measures. Since I can't completely detach myself from the internet, I will have to be a more aggressive reader. Balance it out a bit.

Read more books than blogs

I found this poster on pinterest. I've stared at it for a few months now. I finally decided to post it.

This is how I plan to be a productive reader:
  • Read 1 book per week
  • Read minimum of 60 pages per day
  • Bring a book everywhere (esp. at the bank)
Extreme? Yeah it is. I lost all my reading habits since I got out of college. I thought yey I'm free from all these studying *chucks notebooks across the room*. Not knowing that a good ole routine is much healthier for the mind.

links: photo © analog soulHow to read a book a week

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