Plant profile: Sansevieria cylindrica (African Spear)

This is my 2 1/2 month old African Spear. I named her Sanshi. My aunt gave her to me as a housewarming present. I've kept her in the bathroom. I think she quite likes it. She grew 2 new buds since. I had to move her though, one of the little buds died. She might have been sprinkled with soap residue (and/or bleach) cause I keep her near the bathroom vanity.

This one is easy to maintain. It's a succulent so it doesn't need as much watering. Succulents retain water in their leaves. Be careful of over-watering and don't let the water sit on the leaves. It might rot. I water once a month and she's doing ok.

In terms of lighting, I've read that it will do ok inside the house with minimal lighting but if you want it to grow taller, then put it in a brightly lit spot (near the window, an area of the house where the lights are turned on often etc.,).

In terms of humidity & temperature, it's not fussy. it will do ok with average room settings.

You can read more tips on how to take care of an African Spear from Guide to Houseplants website.

If you want to get one, they're often sold at various plant stores in malls. (Sanshi came from Puregold. My aunt wasn't so successful in peeling the sticker tag *lol*) Always choose a healthy looking one! If you can't find one in your local mall, a sure place to buy plants is Manila Seedling bank.

My first handmade dolls

I don't think I'll ever outgrow my love for dolls. *laughs* Lately, I'm keeping a picture folder on my hard drive specifically for handmade dolls. It's amazing how these doll makers are able to bring to life little creatures from their imagination. It's not just knowing how to make a doll but also having an original look & design.

Memories, Thoughts, Ramblings #2

I decided to throw away my old journal! Although I treasured it very much, I did not want to keep holding on to it. Don't you get the feeling of wanting to throw away everything that remind you of something? To wipe the slate completely clean? There's a sense of freedom there noh?! ヾ( ̄— ̄)ノ◇?

Also I realized that many of the things I used to find interesting, all of a sudden aren't anymore (^ー^) like all the junk I kept on my external HD that I deleted quite mercilessly, my long hair that I spent many months growing, my once closest friends that I'm now planning to blast off of my Facebook feed or simply my favorite shorts that no longer fit! Just letting things go and throwing them away~

One by one we're snipping the thin wires that have been wound tightly throughout our bodies...and then one'll stretch your hand into that dazzling sky. One day..your dreams will be blue and endless.
— Kawai Toko

 - HeyLadySpring

 - HeyLadySpring

Overcoming seemingly insuperable barrier

So I'm back from my 1 day trip. I didn't have time to think because I slept all throughout both bus trips. *kamusta naman!* Yesterday was a whirlwind of emotion. I just went with it. Now I'm trying to deal with the excess emotion. This is me eternally confused.

I'm playing this over and over again to remind myself what I should be doing instead of moping around and feeling all sorts of feelings.

And while I'm stuck, I find posts like this from Vera: The Holstee Manifesto. Isn't that amazing? It's like the universe is helping me out.

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