Music Monday: The Staves

I found my love for music quite late. Radio and MTV influenced my early music favorites — music from the late 90's — boy bands, girl bands, punk rock & pop music. Luckily, I met two incredible people on the internet (Maan & Rozeh) and they introduced me to new sounds.

Don't worry, you will not read any reviews coming from me. I listen to music without exercising any neurons. *haha*

I am incredibly passive though when it comes to updating my music library. I often discover a new artist while blundering around the internet. Which is why I plan to proactively search at least 1 artist to obsess follow each month. So you see despite my great love for BIGBANG, I do listen to other genre's other than jpop & kpop. *shout out to people asking me if I listen to other songs! ~waves~*

The third genre populating my playlist is contemporary folk music. It uses various acoustic instruments and melodic, melancholic, ethereal vocals. Perhaps it's also a happy coincidence that the lyrics are often poetic. That's also why I have only been sharing one song per post for Music Monday. I felt it necessary to also highlight the beautifully written lyrics.

Folk music is a broad genre (there's folk rock, folk pop, etc.,) so I often describe it as "music you to listen to on a warm Sunday afternoon or on a calm rainy day". *lol yes I forced that to rhyme*

I was going to feature my all-time favorites first but I decided to start with my current obsession: The Staves, a sister trio from Watford England.

Emily, Jessica, and Camilla Staveley-Taylor have been making music together since they were children, growing up in Watford, England. Brought up in a house that echoed to the sounds of Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby, Stills & Nash and The Beatles, singing in perfect 3-part harmony came naturally to these three sisters. Having started doing gigs in local pubs and cafes, The Staves are now captivating audiences on bigger stages - earning rapturous encores with their exquisite songs of love & longing. Guaranteed to give you goosebumps, their extraordinary intertwining voices melt the most cynical of hearts.
—source: soundcloud

The Motherlode live session. Here is the official music video.


and my favorite! >> Winter Trees

So what do you think? They're quite amazing noh?


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