Life recently... #21

Clouds - HeyLadySpring

I love the rainy season - HeyLadySpring

Sunshine fills my room today
The morrow brings a mellow haze
Never know if I should stay
I’ll leave it in the arms of another day ♫

curtains - HeyLadySpring

bed covers - HeyLadySpring

Breakfast bacon & eggs - HeyLadySpring

Breakfast - HeyLadySpring

Summer's infernal heat is over *YES!!!!* It's been raining almost every day. I love looking out my window to find droplets of rain. Cold wind on my face. Ah~ my favorite season is here! *happy*

I also welcome the steady decline of my electric bill. ( ゚ 3゚)~♪

New Fantasy books - HeyLadySpring

Regalong Pambahay suitcases - HeyLadySpring

real Airplant - HeyLadySpring

cheap new vase I got from SM dept. store - HeyLadySpring

Bubbletea Miso udon - HeyLadySpring

one. The books I bought online arrived with my Mom's boxes.
two. Vintage inspired suitcases.
three. Tillandsia air plant.
four. Got these vases on sale.
five. Ceramic set from Bubbletea. I must remember to ask where they got this.

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