Pretty things: Mia Casal ceramics

You know how I said I find it sad that I live so far away from amazing ceramic artists? Well, I finally found a local one whose style I find charming. (✿ ♥‿♥)

(However, before I continue—a little clarification—I am not saying our local ceramic artists are not great. Obviously I have not seen that many and the few designs that I see are basically not my cup of tea. So that is where I'm basing my comments!)

Aqua ceramic tea pot by Mia Casal

I can't remember how I found Mia Casal's works. I followed a bunch of links and voila I am all of a sudden seeing awesomeness!

I like the colors and the look of the clay/glaze/paint (?) it reminds me of Japanese ceramics. I like how she incorporates these flora patterns. They make the ceramic elegant and feminine.

Ceramic bowls & plates by Mia Casal

She makes tiny confectionery plates!!! (or at least that's what I think they are—she put wooden spoons & fork there see?~ hmmm) How I longed to find one of these...but again, as with most stuff I like...they are only found in Japan!

Ceramic cups by Mia Casal

I can't wait to see these up close!

Mia Casal
27 Riverview Drive, Blue Ridge B, Quezon City

website: ClayAve / blog: Transforming Clay / email:
contact: +632 (348-2342) / +63 (922-834-7859)

photos © Mia Casal

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