Life recently... #20

Hey hey!~ I have several posts lined up but I haven't started writing any yet.
As usual I'm my own thoughts. hah!
I was supposed to post photos of my room but procrastination settled in and I haven't done any tidying up. My laundry is piling and my house is uber dirty
How did I become this lazy (=_=;")

HeyLadySpring Daily Life Window view

I have also been feeling kinda lost with this blog.
I don't know if I achieved what I wanted this blog to be.
I think it turned out ok but I can't help but feel I sound selfish in some posts. *lol*
Or maybe I'm just worrying too much.

So I was looking at my archive and I realize my posts come off as selfish(?).
"Oh here's what I want to buy, what I bought, what I like. etc..."
Some people might misunderstand me as having a lot money.
Especially now that I'm starting to buy stuff for my house.

Anyway, in case someone out there is wondering, I don't have a lot of money.
I just have a different priority when it comes to spending.
Some people like to spend on clothes, going out etc.
I spend them on books, trinkets, crafts, home decor and sometimes furniture.

Besides, more than half the stuff I put in here are inspiration posts only.
I want to buy them or think they're pretty but I don't necessarily need or get around to buying them.

Lastly, I only post good & happy things in this blog because this is my happy inspiration blog.
There's plenty of not so good things in my life too  but hey that's for twitter and a separate diary.
I created this blog because I wanted a place where I can dwell on the positive.
To inspire myself to be well as organize my thoughts and activities.

Yosh!~ I got that out of my chest. Back to more selfish posts.   bwahahaha

After a year or so, I went back to one of my oldest blogs. I missed my old style of writing. I tried to replicate it on this post (if you noticed!) ugh this was so hard to write. Its like copying someone else' style. And I have become even more talkative OMG!

HeyLadySpring Daily Life Window view

HeyLadySpring Daily Life Window view

HeyLadySpring Daily Life Window view

HeyLadySpring Daily Life Window view

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