2012 book challenge: Amelia Earhart

2012 Reading Challenge of HeyLadySpring

Yes about time I shift my focus on this reading challenge. I lost 5 months! (all my fault of course~) I realized I'm not learning anything new. I have just been breezing through my days reading through blogs that inspire me, looking at pretty things, collecting trinkets, and other geekery. If only reading blogs could count as actual reading. Hey I'm also learning a lot!~ But apparently this reading challenge needs an ISBN. (err never mind!)

I really wish I can be a person who can focus at different things all at the same time. Sadly, I suck at concentrating. I am tempted...TEMPTED...to schedule my everyday-weekly-monthly activities just to get things done. Will that be too much?

HeyLadySpring Books Reading Challenge Amelia Earhart

Okay...back to this reading challenge!
I found this book at Booksale during one of my book hunts. It was retailing for 245php. What luck!~ Still in good condition minus the cover page but who needs that anyway. As soon as I saw the name, I thought:

whatever happened to Amelia Earhart, who holds the stars up in the sky...♫♪♫

haha I'm serious!!! I got the book cause like the song I wanted to know what happened to her. Who she was and what she did to get her name into a song.

I don't usually read biographies because they tend to bore me. I think what helped me love this book were the pictures. There are TONS of photos in here. Way back when she was a baby, teenager etc. Lots of photos to amuse yourself when the text becomes too much.

HeyLadySpring Books Reading Challenge Amelia Earhart

HeyLadySpring Books Reading Challenge Amelia Earhart

The book narrates about her childhood....

Portrait of Amelia Earhart as a teenager

Portrait of Amelia Earhart at age seventeen

her days as a pre-med student...

Portrait of Amelia Earhart

how she discovered the freedom in flying...

Amelia Earhart tried underwater diving

became the first woman to cross the Atlantic...
her struggles with the idea of marriage, the media and politics...

Amelia Earhart with the Friendship in 1928

became the first woman aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic & the Pacific Ocean....

Amelia Earhart's 1937 world flight & disappearance

and ultimately...her attempted round-the-world flight. She was said to vanish near Japan and sparked several conspiracy theories.

Portrait of Amelia Earhart

I found her to be an extremely determined person. She knew what she wanted and she chased it up until the end of her life. She, being a successful "woman aviator" and a woman in general, in her days was such a big deal so the fact that she had her fears and still found courage appeals to me.

I should fatten my mini library with more books like this. Women of history FTW! I hope I find a Princess Diana book next! ( ゚ 3゚)~♪

Friends!! I need book suggestions~~ Comment below (。◕‿‿◕。)ノシ thanks.

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