Heima: Outdoor stories

Oh hi! I'm back with new additions to my wishlist. Heima just released its Made with Love 5th collection...naturally I want everything on it! ♥♥♥ And this time I can actually afford the stuff they've got. *lol* I'm planning to (finally) visit Cubao-X next month because I'm still hopelessly bankrupt (ಥ﹏ಥ). Anyway I have already put this on my schedule. Only way to get things done! (^ー^)v

What's new?—wall art, bone china lamps, summer inspired furniture, chest, and writing desk.

Music Monday: Bird of the Summer

I'm starting a new series called Music Monday where I'll share a few favorite songs.

I used to post my music loves on tumblr but lately I find it hard to juggle all my SNS accounts. (^-^;")ゞ pfft So I haven't been to tumblr in I don't know how long.

A sure sign of Spring 1

Bird of the Summer by A Fine Frenzy

You came with the season, as the first swallow sang
A brown headed stranger, with a five-letter name

We planted our kisses where the wild berries grow my feet sprouted wings and I flew all the way home dooodoodoo

My cheeks red like fire engines racing straight to the heat of your skin and I know our days are numbered, early bird of the summer you'll fly south just as the fall begins

The leaves changed their colors and the schoolyards were filled
My coat with the patches barely keeps out the chill dooo

You sent me a postcard from a town out of state, I wish it were warmer and I hope you're the same doopdoodoo

The fields where we wandered were golden
Now only muddy my boots and I know I should recover, you're a bird of the summer, I was wrong to try and capture you


Gone is the pale hand of winter
Here is the first flush of may

And soon I will discover whether birds of the summer fly in circles or just fly away

© Jeff G. Ryder flickr photo

Plant update #3: African Violets & Wardian cases

So guess what? My African Violets are dead (≖_≖) .... wah¯\(ಠ_ಠ)/¯
What went wrong? I suspect slight over-watering & temperature problems. I have been using the air-conditioner more frequently these days. Apparently African Violets do not like the cold. They like room temperature. I'm not 100% sure that I'm really going below 60 deg, my air conditioner is a manual one so I can't check. I'm trying to find a room thermometer but I still haven't found any. *sigh*

*Please note that my plants are inside my room because its the only brightly lit spot on my place. So whenever I use the air-con, the plants are subjected to sudden shifts of temperature. You don't have to do exactly what I do. It all depends if YOUR place is the kind of environment the plants like.

Its the same all over again. Main problem is, I don't know the first thing about house plants. I expect them to thrive in my house when it is not the proper environment for them.
I am the one that needs to adjust and not the other way around.

I am not going to give up. I won't complain. I am just going to do better each and every time.

Gardening is part science, part experience, and part results, plus, it's hard to get right.
--Matt; Growing with Plants

The House Plant Expert book

Pretty things: Mia Casal ceramics

You know how I said I find it sad that I live so far away from amazing ceramic artists? Well, I finally found a local one whose style I find charming. (✿ ♥‿♥)

(However, before I continue—a little clarification—I am not saying our local ceramic artists are not great. Obviously I have not seen that many and the few designs that I see are basically not my cup of tea. So that is where I'm basing my comments!)

Aqua ceramic tea pot by Mia Casal

I can't remember how I found Mia Casal's works. I followed a bunch of links and voila I am all of a sudden seeing awesomeness!

I like the colors and the look of the clay/glaze/paint (?) it reminds me of Japanese ceramics. I like how she incorporates these flora patterns. They make the ceramic elegant and feminine.

Ceramic bowls & plates by Mia Casal

She makes tiny confectionery plates!!! (or at least that's what I think they are—she put wooden spoons & fork there see?~ hmmm) How I longed to find one of these...but again, as with most stuff I like...they are only found in Japan!

Ceramic cups by Mia Casal

I can't wait to see these up close!

Mia Casal
27 Riverview Drive, Blue Ridge B, Quezon City

website: ClayAve / blog: Transforming Clay / email: clay.ave@gmail.com
contact: +632 (348-2342) / +63 (922-834-7859)

photos © Mia Casal

2012 book challenge: Amelia Earhart

2012 Reading Challenge of HeyLadySpring

Yes about time I shift my focus on this reading challenge. I lost 5 months! (all my fault of course~) I realized I'm not learning anything new. I have just been breezing through my days reading through blogs that inspire me, looking at pretty things, collecting trinkets, and other geekery. If only reading blogs could count as actual reading. Hey I'm also learning a lot!~ But apparently this reading challenge needs an ISBN. (err never mind!)

I really wish I can be a person who can focus at different things all at the same time. Sadly, I suck at concentrating. I am tempted...TEMPTED...to schedule my everyday-weekly-monthly activities just to get things done. Will that be too much?

HeyLadySpring Books Reading Challenge Amelia Earhart

Okay...back to this reading challenge!
I found this book at Booksale during one of my book hunts. It was retailing for 245php. What luck!~ Still in good condition minus the cover page but who needs that anyway. As soon as I saw the name, I thought:

whatever happened to Amelia Earhart, who holds the stars up in the sky...♫♪♫

haha I'm serious!!! I got the book cause like the song I wanted to know what happened to her. Who she was and what she did to get her name into a song.

Life recently... #20

Hey hey!~ I have several posts lined up but I haven't started writing any yet.
As usual I'm distracted...by everything...by my own thoughts. hah!
I was supposed to post photos of my room but procrastination settled in and I haven't done any tidying up. My laundry is piling and my house is uber dirty
How did I become this lazy (=_=;")

HeyLadySpring Daily Life Window view

My new home!

Hurrah! The big reveal. (ノ^^)ノ☆彡
Everything is in black and red. *long sigh* It looks good but....I didn't think it was going to be this much red. I feel suffocated a bit. I'm an Earth sign so I like B&W, natural or bright colors. On the other hand, my Mom is a fire sign so she likes red. That's why I insisted that some accents be in another color or material just so it won't be all black&red (and so I won't get a heat attack!).

HeyLadySpring Room Color Palette

This was our palette, pretty posh right? keke that's my Mom for you (^-^)v

HeyLadySpring sample shelf design
(photo © flashdecor + solebich.de)
This was our wall peg. It's perfect for people like me who likes to accumulate stuff.

HeyLadySpring Daily Life Living room

Life recently... #19

HeyLadySpring summer sky

The days went by so quickly, my Mom's 2 week vacation is over just like that. Truthfully, I'm feeling quite low, after sending her off to the airport, going home to an empty house sucks! I know this feeling will go away eventually, I just have to wait it out and not do anything to trigger more depressing thoughts. (-’_’-) Just be calm, dig my foot in very deep, and wait. The waves will let up eventually.

But enough negativity! Time to bore you with what happened in those two weeks I was gone. I can't share personal photos so I'm just gonna throw some random ones here.

Two cousins worked on my unit. Mom & I bought furniture etc. They finished everything in less than 10 days. (^-^)v They're quite amazing. I'll share final photos of my new home on my next post. You'll be shocked. It's all red!

We spent 3 days in our hometown. It was for her birthday really but it became a huge reunion for our family. I don't know how I survived the heat to be honest.

HeyLadySpring Daily Life Personal Photography

I forgot (edited this post ( ̄へ ̄) bah!!!) we also went to Quezon. I don't remember where these are exactly. It was a sort of road trip than an actual visit thus the horribly-rushed photos~~ and I didn't check if the lens was clean so yeah .. hello blurry photos!