Plant update #2

Guess what guys? All my plants died except my Fittonia (Nerve plant). *sniff ಥ﹏ಥ* The only one I did not re-plant. Could it be they didn't like the soil? But its supposed to be good for most house plants.~ Or maybe I didn't do the re-planting correctly?

HeyLadySpring Indoor Garden Window view

I read that different plants, just like any living thing, have different needs. That's why you need to get to know the plant first before disturbing its current environment. I clearly need to study more. tsk tsk ( ̄へ ̄)

I'm giving up on huge plants for now. I don't think they receive much light. My window, being the only source of bright light in my place, is just too small for them.

HeyLadySpring Indoor Garden Fittonia

Nerve plants are easy to care for. I water (the soil) once or twice a week and mist the leaves every morning. If I forget, the plant will faint *haha*, they go limp which goes away really fast once I pour water. It grew tall stems though instead of bushy leaves. I read that for a fuller look, you do a plant pinching technique which forces it to grow more leaves instead of growing tall. I also plan to propagate it just to try. I wasn't quite successful with propagating my Jade plant so I'm a bit scared to try it again.

HeyLadySpring Indoor Garden African Violet

And so one Sunday, I found myself trudging along the all too familiar path towards Manila Seedling Bank. Hello plants! *cue evil music Ψ(`∀´)Ψ * mwahaha

Introducing my new plants!

Two African Violets (blue & violet) and one vine plant shaped in a heart wire (I forgot to ask the name)

HeyLadySpring Indoor Garden African Violet

Hello pretty rabbit  ~ I'm going to cry if this breaks. Its so gorgeous and it took me a year to find one!

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