Minna no Nihongo

When I studied Nihongo Elementary 1, we used this beginner book of Minna no Nihongo. I have always wanted my own book because sadly the one we were given only included half of each book and none of the CD & workbook. The other half is for Elementary 2 you see (≖_≖). I decided I'm gonna do self-study from now on. I have more stuff I'm interested in doing now and I don't feel like spending so much money in formal school. Besides I know it can be done, I just need to be dedicated about studying (and stop procrastinating). (¯3¯)~♪

"Minna no Nihongo" is one of the most popular Japanese language textbooks for classrooms and individuals across the world. Lesson topics including essential grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking are taught and instilled in students through situational daily conversations. This "Shokyu 1" is essential for beginners.

The Honsatsu book show drills and practice sentences (all in Japanese). To help you understand these you need the Translation & Grammar book. These two books are supposed to be used side by side however we were taught to study & memorize the grammar book first. So we were forced to read the (all Japanese) Honsatsu book with minimal reference to the grammar book. The CD's are for the listening part in the Honsatsu book. To test your progress, you need the workbook.

Ah but before you buy any Nihongo book, you need to memorize the Japanese syllabary first! If you're having a hard time, try memorizing through pictures (There's a sample photo here). If you don't mind spending money, you can try getting yourself some flashcards.

See how the character ni / に is drawn? Ni / に looks like a knee. Pretty easy right?

You also get sample words both in english and japanese, how it looks in different fonts, and how its drawn (there are specific strokes you see).

After renovating my place this April, I'll get back to studying again. Three months of procrastinating is enough I think. (^-^)v

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