Life recently... #18

Art supplies; HeyLadySpring

Book shelf The hobbit; HeyLadySpring

Browsing art supplies gives me a curious feeling of happiness. I got a fabric pen & stencil ABC's that I plan to use for a diy project.

Hainanese delights SM north; HeyLadySpring

What is Hainan rice?; HeyLadySpring

Toblerone White chocolate from Mom's friend; HeyLadySpring

Spicy shrimp from Weekend market; HeyLadySpring

Sinigang from SM north food court; HeyLadySpring

Tried out a new restaurant called Hainanese Delights. I didn't like it very much. Nothing wrong with the taste. I guess its just not my thing~ Started a habit of eating at SM North food court. I don't feel like cooking lately~

Mia Maison SM north; HeyLadySpring

Mia Maison; HeyLadySpring

Mia Maison; HeyLadySpring

Choosing a room perfume. I got Ocean Breeze, its a pretty strong scent which reminds me of ... laundry powder ... out of all things. *haha*

Spring floral fabric from Cotton Touch; HeyLadySpring

Spring floral fabric on sale at Cotton Touch! I got 3 yards. This would be an awesome curtain!

Sakura dinnerware; HeyLadySpring

Saizen garden Tin pot; HeyLadySpring

Japanese teacup Saizen; HeyLadySpring

Teapot set; HeyLadySpring

Dropped by Saizen. Tin pot & teacup to pair with the teapot I got from Landmark.

Sakae Sushi hot green tea; HeyLadySpring

Solo dinner date at Sakae Sushi. 399php buffet with free green tea & miso soup.

Sakae revolving sushi; HeyLadySpring

Sakae Sushi; HeyLadySpring

Sakae Sushi; HeyLadySpring

I ate Salmon, Tuna & kani. I should have tried others but I'm afraid to eat anything that might taste weird.

Sakae Sushi; HeyLadySpring this one. bwerk!

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