Korean historical dramas

My readers/blogger friends are probably sick about all these korean stuff I post recently. haha ( ^-^)ゞAlthough I didn't intend this blog to be a review or fandom site, because of my lack of activities, these are all I can think of posting at the moment. *heh (^0^)/*

I finished watching a few Japanese films last month. I'll be posting about them soon. They're still in the drafts. ヾ( ̄◇ ̄)ノ

I'm currently doing a marathon of Korean sageuk (historical) drama's. *yeah productive huh!?* I suspect this is also the reason why my laziness got worse. :/ These things can take over your life like whoah! 70+ episodes per series anyone? Though I've finished 3 dramas in less than a month? Ha! Thanks to fast-forward option! Some parts can get slow. Hello 2 minutes of slow walking in a deserted street with heart wrenching background music?! What's up with that?!

There are 4 more series left on my sageuk watchlist. Woohoo! Couch partey!~( ゚ 3゚)~♪

This post is a bit long and photo heavy so skip if you don't want to read it. (^-^)v Here I'll show you why I like watching sageuk dramas

(1) because of political conflicts and how the King/hero/lead survive them, (2) learning about other historical figures other than the main subject of the story,

Dong Yi is made larger than life in this drama although there isn't much about her in actual history. She is important only because she became the king's concubine and bore him the royal heir. I only watched this because I was more interested in Jang Hui-bin and Queen Inhyeon's story (a true story!).

Yi San is about King Jeongjo and how he rose to power, fought various political maneuverings and met 3 influential people (there might be more but only 3 were highlighted). He is also Dong Yi's great grandson! Yi San was a wise king but I feel his achievements were made possible because of other great people like Hong Guk Young (his right hand man), Jeong Yak Yong (his scientist/genius official), Baek Dong Soo (his bodyguard). I'm glad the romance is toned down in this because I don't like the girl character at all. She is so fragile and helpless.

Krissy & Ericka - 12:51 MV

A little break from my usual Kpop posts. My favorite Filipino duo Krissy & Ericka just released the official MV for 12:51. Well they released it last January, I’m so late I know ( T-T) I barely go to facebook these days so I didn’t see the update. So yeah I only saw this now~ hurr!!