Kdrama: What's Up!

I only watched this drama because of Daesung. I didn't know a single actor so I was feeling a bit unsure if I'm going to enjoy this. Going towards the first 3 episodes, each actor is perfect for their roles. I ended up loving the other characters more than I loved Daesung's character.

A drama revolving around music and the romance between students enrolled in the theatrical department of a university.

I'm not gonna go into a detailed review because (one) I suck at organizing my thoughts (two) it's better to watch on your own else I'll spoil the storyline.

It's 20 episodes long. The storyline had a strong beginning but dragged on a bit towards the middle. I honestly don't like watching teenage angst anymore. Maybe because I'm older now so I'm over that stage. So for me the middle part was boring & annoying. I just want them to deal with their problem and show me the juicy parts. I also didn't like how one of the most bubbly characters became gloomy in the end. That could be part of her character development though. After all the drama was about each character's journey towards finding themselves. That by the end of the series they're all changed people.

The ending left a lot of things unresolved. Which was ok in the sense that if they tied each character's story in a neat little bow it would feel quite rushed and much more annoying. So this unfinished feeling is all because they didn't resolve the other character's story towards the middle while they were dragging that other angst-y storyline. ( ̄~ ̄;)

Anyway the series is over now, after so much complaining, I still love this drama and highly recommend it! (^-^)v

Could there be a 2nd season? ¯\(ಠ_ಠ)/¯ That is still unsure :3

These are video cuts of their performances:

Dosung (Daesung) college application song "This Is The Moment"

Class performing "You & I"

Byung-Gun (Jo Jung Suk) imagining himself perform "Those Magic Changes"

Byung-Gun singing for his "first person"

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