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Bromeliad Guzmania - HeyLadySpring

I was lucky to have walked into the plant store during a fresh delivery of this 3pc Bromeliad. They cost 180php. Super worth it cause some stores will charge you 100-120php per plant/bloom! The blooms stay an average of 3 months. (This one I'm not so sure. Mine still had its bloom after 6 months!) I read that they only bloom once in their life and grow small pups at the base before they die.

*After 6 months, two have died because of neglect. I was preparing my house for renovation and I put them in a low lit spot. Now only the pink-yellow one (below) lives. It might be nearing its end too though. The colors are fading and the leaves have ugly brown dry spots. According to The House Plant Expert, it could be because of dry air. I'm going to try if misting will revive it. I already bought a new yellow Bromeliad to replace the ones that died.

Secrets of Success: Bromeliads are tropical plants. They like bright indirect light and room temperature. Water inside the "central vase" and mist during the summer (or when you notice brown tips). Do not over water. Watering once a week may be sufficient. Occasionally feed through the leaves by misting with liquid fertilizer.

Pink Bromeliad Guzmania - HeyLadySpring

Red Bromeliad Guzmania - HeyLadySpring

They could be three different types of Bromeliad. I tried identifying them but its hard to tell which one is which. They're all Guzmania! *heh* (。・ω・)ノ゙

Too bad I didn't take note of the store number. Next time I'll do that so you guys will know where to get the same plant. I still think exploring is better. You might find something I didn't. One advise I can give you though is to buy plants outside the big tents. Somehow the plants outside are much healthier and better presented (some with free rocks & moss).

*This post was updated 07-20-2012.

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