Kdrama: The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Since watching Dae Jang Geum I've been in love with period dramas.They're an interesting way to learn about korean culture and history (although some facts gets a more dramatic turn). I wouldn't say I've watched them all, probably only the popular ones. Some people may find it boring because the storyline are mostly serious. There are however sageuk dramas that are fictitious and those are the fun ones to watch.

One such fictional sageuk drama* is a novel adaptation written by the same author of Sungkyunkwan Scandal**.

The Moon That Embraces the Sun is about the young love between the Crown Prince & Yeon Woo, daughter of a nobleman. They are to become the Crown prince and princess. Due to political struggles within the palace Yeon Woo was entrapped and consequently put to death. She was secretly saved by a powerful Shaman and has since lived as a shaman herself without any memory of her past.

So that's the basic plot. I'm currently at episode 5 (I've resorted to watching raw/unsubbed episodes just to get my fix ). I did see a preview trailer of recent episodes. Episode 6 will be the turning point. They're introducing the main/older cast. I'll miss the young ones, these kids can really act! They're not supposed to be the ones you obsess about but you end up loving them too cause they're that good. (^-^)v Yes my heart make slight somersaults during the romantic scenes. They're so cute~ *noona voice*

^ (30 second trailer)

^ (Warning! This is a fanmade MV and contain spoilers, as it shows a scenes from episode 1-5.)

That's it for now.~ I shall spazz/rant after watching some more. ()v

The Moon that Embraces the Sun update (thoughts about the ending etc.,) *SPOILER*

PS: yey I found a super generous person translating the book! There were a lot of things different between the book and this drama adaptation. Hwon (crown prince/King) is actually really annoying in the first chapter. pft! Still I look forward to the translations. Thanks belectricground :)

*sageuk = historical drama // **source

Links: DAwiki + asianwiki + photo credits 12 + watch here or here

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