I have just received an email from Mom that she's sending another Balikbayan box and she's including my books! I am soooo thrilled to get it earlier than expected (she was supposed to hand carry them when she comes home this April). I've been dying to read Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book since December. I don't know~ Christmas just feels like the perfect time to read something scary. I'm trying not to read wikipedia or any detailed review about the book cause I don't want the story to get spoiled. *sigh* Me and my book moods (^ω^)ノ

Another Gaiman story that I love very much is Coraline. I watched the film but haven't read the book yet. Maybe I should pick a copy from a local bookstore? That should tide me over until my books arrive right!?

Oh and lucky! Photobucket  I found the "Making of" videos for Coraline. I'm so dense sometimes. Only found out now that this is actually a stop motion film (I thought this was all CG~) and directed by the same one who did Nightmare before Christmas. Σ( ̄o ̄lll)  orz~

Feature interview with the Director, actors and Neil Gaiman Photobucket

 OMG THIS GIRL!!! ╚(ò_Ó) If this was me, I'd be completely insane. They had better pay her A LOT. Gosh to stick those things one by one and arrange them in a certain way. urgh /dies

Miniature Knitter ... Ikaw na! Photobucket 


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