Shopping for books #1

Finally, all the books I bought from Alibris had been delivered to my Mom. I only paid a total of 1550php for 8 like-new hardbound books! Mom said they're all in good condition although I still have to check if they have markings or scribbles. They're still a good deal though, each book only cost a dollar, shipping fee took up 70% of the bill. I sent the books to my Mom in NY cause sending it straight here is as good as buying brand new books (if not more due to shipping & tax). She'll send it via balikbayan box or carry it in her luggage when she comes home this April.

I'm itching to buy a second batch but I'm trying to hold off till I get the first one. I'm also thinking of doing group-purchases cause its not easy to fill a huge balikbayan box. Mom says it takes her months to fill it up with random stuff. I'll let you guys know when I'll be doing another Alibris purchase, I'm hoping 6 people will join me (balikbayan box cost $59 via sea cargo).

Anyway...these are the titles I bought:

I'm so excited. April please come soon! (^=^)v

Note: This is not a sponsored post. This is my own buying experience from Alibris. Yes my own money. (^-^)v However, the links posted above are affiliate links which means I earn a percentage when you click them AND purchase from Alibris. Read full disclaimer here.

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