Secret garden in QC

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Well its not so secret to plant lovers and to anyone passing through EDSA. Manila Seedling Bank is obscured by plants and trees but inside it's quite spacious. There are huge tents with numerous stalls within. I only explored one side actually, I went with BF and he's not the person you would want to go exploring with. Anyway, I'll come back next month! I'm eye-ing a super cute bonsai for Christmas (see photo at the bottom!).




Life recently... #9

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One of the factors that made us decide to invest on this property is its close proximity to SM North. It is by far my favorite mall. It has all my favorite shops and food places. It also has a huge Interior Zone that sells furniture, paintings, lighting, ceramics etc. (。◕‿‿◕。)ノ

Anyway fast forward to present, Mom asked me to canvass for fixtures so if we find something we like, we'll just get them one by one. So last week, I finally went there and took loads of pictures. Here are my favorites~


Painting by Joel Mahilum. (They're all so beautiful. v(^_^v)♪)


Ceramic stools from Dimensione ... It's a common garden fixture but nowadays they fit just about anywhere -- bathroom, bedside table, extra seating in the living room. A piece costs 6-7k~♪


Link love: Zooming Japan

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Hey guys! It's time for Link Love Saturday!~
This is a new blog, though it has a few posts they are lovingly written filled with (lots of) photos, trivia and information for any Japanoholic out there.

For some of us (like me!) that can't travel to Japan, looking at photos and reading blogs about Japan brings us great joy. Someday we too will experience Japan! (^-^)v

photos © zoomingjapan


Pretty things: Ann Wood

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These are works by Ann Wood. Aren't they absolutely magical?! Gah I want those owls and that ship!!! (I'm imagining owl-hobbits & Peter Pan) (。◕‿‿◕。)ノシ

I've been following her blog for a while now. I love seeing her work, its amazing what she can do with vintage fabric. Follow her blog too and be inspired~Photobucket


Decor inspiration #1

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My new home is technically still bare but being a small space to begin with and having a lot of stuff (plus I bought a huge sofa so it eats up most of the space), its starting to get really messy. Major construction will not start until April when my Mom comes home. I just have to carefully plan everything I buy so it would fit in the overall design.

Three urgent things on my to-do list:

1. decorate/organize the bathroom

2. find ceramic pots for plants and figure out how to put them near the window.

3. find ceramic or glass containers for the kitchen

When I was still renting I didn't care if my plates didn't match or if my sugar-salt-etc are in containers. I used to just stick them all in one big container. But now I fuss over everything. I even bought  a juice stirrer. ahh my point is...I was living a temporary life and now that I have my own home, I'm inspired to take care of it and firmly settle in.

Disclaimer: I'm not rich .. just trying to live a good life. Decorating and stuff does require a lot of money but as they say there are many roads you can take to reach where you want to go. (^_^)


Mia Maison

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Every time I do my groceries I would pass by a little white shop called Mia Maison. It looked high-end so I never went inside but I liked the interior and their ceramic burners so I kept getting drawn to it. I decided to finally walk in one day (I was searching for a gift for my Mom's friend) and they turned out to be quite affordable.

Its a shop selling home fragrances - candles, oils, reed diffusers, and ceramic burners. I bought a whole set (for my Mom's friend) - tea light candles, small burner, lavender oil for 539php, also because I got a 20% discount. (^ー^)v

To be honest I don't like these kind of things (edit: not! now I'm obsessed :3), I'm sensitive to very strong scents which is why I rarely put on perfume. They do make for a good home decor though...and the ceramic burners are gorgeous. (I have a weakness for ceramics~) There are cheaper ones in SM department store but most have an asian style to them that I don't like at the moment. I might buy one or two for the bathroom and the living room.

Photos are from Mia Maison and other articles.


Solenn Heussaff: The Painter

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Solenn Heusaff is a French-Filipina model, actress, make-up artist and apparently a painter! I came across this Rogue video feature while on my usual blunder around the internet. Now why don't we have more of this kind of shows? *sigh* Instead of being pelted with news of celebrity love lives and whatever gossip is on TV these days we should focus on inspiring stories about people and what they really do with their lives.

Well we are to blame too because we enable them by watching gossip shows. :/


Happy weekend!

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Saturday is almost over :( and my google reader is still at 1000+ updates. I've been reading for 3 days already ( T=T). hurrr

Now that I have a stable internet, its so easy to lose track of time that otherwise should have been used for chores, reading and other hobbies. I'm gonna have to try and have a schedule of some sort; mornings for chores, 9PM onwards for reading. I want to finish LOTR by next week so I can start on 1Q84. I won't be buying any new books (locally) until January cause I'm planning to buy used books online and that would cost a lot :(

This is actually just a random post. haha!
Anyway, goodnight y'all! Happy weekend (^-^)v

Fascination with Japanese craft books

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© hello sandwich

Its amazing how many craft books there are in Japan. I wish some book store would sell these here :( they're expensive to import (customs + shipping etc). I bought one before and I spent more than 2000php for it (also cause I opted for EMS shipping). Sadly I lost that book when I moved...must have been mistaken as trash (it got separated with the cover .. I still have the cover *sigh*). huhu ( T=T)

Oh and they're perfect decoration pieces too as they're so cutely made. I'm thinking of getting a few books to put in my living room.

P.S. Look at these tapes!! It's a Tape expo..lol so cute :3 

If you guys want to purchase craft books, I recommend pomadour24. Awesome seller! v(^_^v)♪


Wishlist: Tolkien and other fantasy books

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Hurray for stable internet ( ̄ω ̄)ノ~♪
I'm about to face 1000+ google reader updates Σ(゚Д゚ )..so for now I'm sharing a list of books added to my book wishlist. I already have the first 2 books but I want to try and find these specific versions in hardbound

1. The Hobbit, 70th anniversary ed.
2. Lord of the Rings, 50th anniversary ed.
3. The Silmarillion

1. Faeries by Brian Froud, Alan Lee (thanks to Hannah for recommending this book! ( ^-^)ノ)
2. Eon: Dragon-eye Reborn and
3. Eona: The Last Dragoneye by Alison Goodman


Life recently... #8

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 - HeyLadySpring

 - HeyLadySpring

 - HeyLadySpring

1. passed out in the lobby
2. hello Mr. Akuma!
3. bear from bf .. goes by the name/s Poopsie, baby bear, squishy bear


Congratulations BIGBANG!

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You guys!!! BIGBANG frakkin WON!! MTV EMA Worldwide Act y'all!!! (=^ー^)ノ彡☆゜・。・゜★
I'm so happy VIP's & BIGBANG forever!! Photobucket Photobucket   Photobucket

© ygfamilyy

Quiet days

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view from 39th floor - HeyLadySpring


Test artwork

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Decided to do a test shot on this art project I've always wanted to do. I love how it turned out, will paint the final one once everything is more settled. My mom's friend is visiting this weekend and she's very picky about everything. It's quite stressful actually, I'm currently fussing over the state of my kitchen. ( T-T)~ goodluck me!




Life recently... #7

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Globe is taking forever to check their systems in this building. Would it hurt to inform me please if you're doing anything at all? T-T I need internet..boo!!! Anyway I applied at PLDT too just in case Globe really does take forever..grr

I haven't unpacked any of my stuff since I don't have furniture yet. We didn't get the furnished-deal cause we didn't want to be stuck with furniture we don't like. So I'm sleeping in my sofa(bed) for the meantime. Mom will be home this April and will have the place designed(?) so till then I don't have pictures for you :3

view from the 39th floor (^-^)v sorry I'm only using my phone~ but this looks amazing in actual