Plant Profile: Winter Bulbs

I'm going on another trip to Manila Seedling Bank this weekend, this time with my friend S. Hopefully we'll be able to visit all the tents and still find time to go to Dapitan Arcade (for ceramic hunting).

My stargazer lily is already undergoing hibernation. After the flowers bloomed, the leaves started falling off. *sigh (¬_¬)* Its really sad seeing your plants wilt away like that. (-’_’-) (╥_╥) I don't know how long till it sprouts a new body so I'm hunting for another ornamental plant. Stargazer being a lily bulb, I have hope that MSB will also have these so-called winter bulbs I keep seeing on international blogs.

Winter bulbs are these onion looking ones. Examples are Amaryllis, Hyacinths, Tullips, and Daffodils.

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