New plants!

The only one left of my Miura plants is Rikka. Photobucket
But he won't be lonely anymore. He's got new brothers and sisters. (^=^)v

Introducing my new houseplants! Jade plant, Echeveria & Star gazer lily. The former two are succulents and the latter a bulb lily. All perfect for indoors with bright light of course (by the window or a bright lamp light)! These are the ones I bought in Manila Seedling Bank.


Tips when buying plants:

1. Pick healthy plants! Don't be tempted to buy whatever is there just cause they all look the same.

I should have chosen my Echeveria & Jade plants carefully these look unhealthy :3 Try to look for plants without those brown things.  (^-^)v

Rikka & rosettes from the main Echeveria plant.

2. If you plan to re-pot them in pretty vases, don't forget to buy:
  • soil suited for your plant (I got this Plantastic Soil-less mix for 50php; good for any type of houseplant)
To give your cacti and succulents the adequate drainage it needs, go to a rock supply store and get yourself some black pebbles # 5 (that's the size of the pebbles). If you could also go to a gardening store and find yourself some coarse perlite, that would also be great. Mix these three (Plantastic, black pebbles and coarse perlite) in equal parts and you've got yourself an excellent cactus mix. If all you can get is one or the other, that would be fine, too. What's important is that the drainage property of the potting mix be enhanced. -- email reply by Gardenhearts staff. (yes I emailed them   )
  • mini shovel
  • and gloves


This is where they are temporarily, until I figure out what kind of plant stand I want. I'm gearing towards a mini ladder or just go all out and buy a table. Besides I'm planning to have my craft area near the window anyway.

I'm definitely going ceramic hunting soon, I want a vintage looking vase for my Jade plant. (^=^)v
I'll post some other houseplants you can buy besides these three.

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