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This is probably one of the few times I'll be writing about blogging and all that serious stuff. I created this site mainly to document what I do and what I like. I've been blogging since 2004 and my style has always been very personal. That's why I find it hard to talk about pro blogging things (and the like...) and although I blog for fun, I have to admit I also like receiving visitors and comments. I like meeting new people and sharing stories with them.

This year I decided to try a few things;

I joined blogger networks like nuffnang, bloglovin and bloggers. They're quite effective in bringing additional traffic to this site. My only problem with it is that most bloggers that join those sites are mostly blogging about topics I don't like or care about. And like me they only want to get more visitors to their sites and have no intention on commenting or going back.

What I found to be an effective method is to just look for blogs I like by bloghopping from site to site. I gained a few blog buddies and worthwhile blogs to visit. (shoutout to my blogger friends -- links on my sidebar under "Friends" label! ^=^v) There is a flaw in this method though, the time and effort you need to look for blogs is no joke. Often you'll also meet dead ends (most blogs have the same blogroll).

On one of my bloghopping sessions (〃^-^) I came across Paula's blog but its not until I received a direct link did I find out about her affiliate network. Her idea had hit home to me. (being very frustrated with my bloghopping skills ٩(×̯×)۶)

Here at BC Bloggers you will find other bloggers that have the same passion for blogging as you and would also be happy to connect and link with your blog. With BC Bloggers, “We don’t have to beg for links.”

I'm trying it out. I'm not hoping for instant success but I have a feeling this is going to be fun!~ (*^-゚)

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