Solenn Heussaff: The Painter

Solenn Heusaff is a French-Filipina model, actress, make-up artist and apparently a painter! I came across this Rogue video feature while on my usual blunder around the internet. Now why don't we have more of this kind of shows? *sigh* Instead of being pelted with news of celebrity love lives and whatever gossip is on TV these days we should focus on inspiring stories about people and what they really do with their lives.

Well we are to blame too because we enable them by watching gossip shows. :/

To be honest, I was initially not fond of Solenn. It got irritating when everyone I know would suddenly talk about her and with no other news except that she's a sexy model being linked to this person and that. Most especially to one guy that already has a very public relationship! And so I created this biased image of her in my head that is not very pleasant. ( ゚д゚) ・・・

Anyway...this isn't a post about showbiz & celebrities. It's about my prejudice and gradual fondness of Solenn. So there ... I am now seeing her in a whole new light and posting this cause I think a lot more think badly of her and should reconsider. ( ^=^)v

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