Matthew Gray Grubler: ghost story

Matthew Gray Grubler is one of my favorite actors because of his character "Dr. Spencer Reid" from Criminal Minds. I love his squeaky voice and the way he enunciates his every word.

I found this Celebrity Ghost Stories episode of him. Although I would not normally watch scary videos on my own, I got through this because I love the way he told his story. Now if you must know, I scare very easily. I'm scared of shadows lurking under the bed, creaking of closets, flickering lights..and so on~

I am however not new to sensing others. My previous apartment was an old 2 story house. I got the ground floor. One night I had my friend over and she was sleeping in the living room. All the lights were out because I like it that way. Makes me sleep better. So everyone was sleeping except me and my cousin, we were in my room, then suddenly I see someone pass. I thought my friend had walked past to use the bathroom. I walked out of the room towards the hallway and turned the light on. I saw my friend still on the couch sleeping. I looked at my cousin and saw the horror in her eyes. She saw the same thing I saw. Since then, I have never slept without the lights on.

Another time I was vacationing with my boyfriend to their hometown. We just had dinner on his grandmother's house. I was walking alone towards their house to get my phone. The windows were open so my natural instinct was to look inside. I saw someone, an old man, sitting on their dining table. It was just a quick look, then I realized, there shouldn't be anyone there. I looked back and he was gone. I ran as fast as I could.

I'm just glad I only see glimpses and not the real thing. I would probably die of shock. ^-^;

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