Back to basics: Memorizing Japanese syllabary

Found these in an old box yesterday. Figured I should start with my Nihongo lessons again before I get too excited with other things. Back to basics (cause I forgot everything I learned from Elem 1)....

If you guys (you know all 3 of you~ (^ー^) ha!) want to study with me...I can try and guide you. :)

Memorizing of Kana (Hiragana and Katakana) characters

I found these in an old site but its gone now so I thought I'd upload here instead. I learned Hiragana & Katakana this way by memorizing the pictures. I can't find my Katakana picture sheet (sorry!) so we both would have to learn it the hard way.

To listen to how the characters are pronounced check this site: genkienglish.

To test yourself use these flash kana cards: realkana (has an iphone app!) / kanacards / search itunes store, there are tons of apps for Kana practice.

Next lesson!~ Reading & Writing practice

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