Won in a Goodreads book giveaway!

Thunder dog by Michael Hingson, Susy Flory

Goodreads first read giveaway!

I got an email from Goodreads telling me I won in a book giveaway last Sunday. It was for this book   ..I completely forgot about it till I checked my email again. Yey!!! (=^∇^)ノ Photobucket   Photobucket   I never thought I'd actually win when I joined, I never win anything (be it giveaways, lottery, scratch card thingies!). Do they know about my birthday? I only put my birthday after I won the giveaway though...Photobucket ~

I read a few pages from google books and was considering getting a copy cause I really liked the story and the way it was written. I don't usually read non-fiction books~ I find them textbook-like, as if I'm supposed to memorize their life story or something, but this one I enjoyed reading~ very engaging!

I can't wait to get it! Thanks again Goodreads and Susy Flory. 。・:*:・゚☆(@ ̄∇ ̄@)ノ~~~

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  1. congrats on wining!
    it looks like a very interesting book


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