The Secret Garden

Originally a classic novel for children, it's a story of Mary Lennox, who loses her parents and was sent to live with her distant relatives. Due to her parents indifference towards her she was a bit spoiled and quick-tempered.

Mary hears a story about her aunt's secret rose garden that was locked when she had died. Her uncle leaves for long periods of time in mourning of his wife's untimely death. Mary eventually finds the door to the garden along with the key. She spends her days tending to it with the help of her maidservant's brother.

Every night she hears someone crying and decides to follow the voice. She finds that the crying voice belonged to her cousin which had been hidden in his room because of his weak body. Both cousins find joy in learning about each other. Intrigued by Mary's stories of the secret garden, Colin decided to visit the garden as well. He was brought out for the first time in years. Slowly Colin regains strength of his legs and practices diligently hoping to surprise his father.

Colin's father finally goes home after dreaming that his wife was calling him into the garden. He finds the garden in full bloom and his son running happily.

The Secret Garden movie

Mary Lennox

Mary, Colin and her uncle have all lost something but love & hope was not completely lost. Just like the garden, family can be rebuilt and hope can bloom again.


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