Pullip Steampunk series

I have been an avid follower of doll trends for 2-3 years now. There's the expensive BJD's, the middle range Blythe, slightly affordable Pullip, Nendoroid & Pinky Street. Seeing as I don't have incredible mounds of gold lying in an underground cave somewhere, I can only afford to maintain a Pullip obsession. (¬▂¬)

My current obsession is this particular Pullip series; Steampunk themed! Of course there are other beautifully styled dolls out there, but these remind me of Sherlock Holmes, Golden Compass and Series of Unfortunate Events. The clothes and accessories are well worth their price.

I can practice sewing too by making doll clothes and accessories. (^ω^)

Steampunk Pullip series

I'll give a short intro then...

Steampunk Pullip EOS
Steampunk Pullip EOS

Pullip is the main girl doll. EOS is her steampunk name. Sort of a second name, to distinguish her from other Pullips. I can't find her in any shopping sites anymore, out of stock. I hope there's someone selling her second hand.

Steampunk Taeyang Gyro
Steampunk Taeyang Gyro

Taeyang is Pullip's boyfriend. Gyro is his steampunk name. This is the first Taeyang doll I liked. Must be the clothes...

Steampunk Dal Ra-muw
Steampunk Dal Ramuw

Dal is Taeyang's sister. Ra-muw is her steampunk name. I prefer Dal releases actually. Her face has a stern/bratty look on her face.

Steampunk Isul Apollo
Steampunk Isul Apollo

He looks like a mini guy Pullip right? Well Isul is Pullip's little brother. Apollo is his steampunk name and the first ever Isul doll.

Steampunk Byul Rhiannon
Steampunk Byul Rhiannon

Byul is Dal's best friend. Rhiannon is her steampunk name. I don't like her eyes, she looks scary.

My birthday is exactly 1 month away. Photobucket 

A perfect excuse to make a very long and expensive wishlist. I've been hinting to BF to buy me one of these, but he flatly said NO! Σ( ̄o ̄lll) He said he'd buy me clothes instead ( ゚д゚) ・・・ I'm really not into buying clothes, I don't go out much anyway.

I don't know if I'll ever complete this series, but I'll have one of them for sure! I especially like Dal Ra-muw. She looks a bit like Park Bom from 2NE1 with her red hair.

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