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I have, for a time now, flirted with the idea of pursuing a career in Interior Design. While I can definitely will myself to do so if I really want to, however with the number of things I want to do and the limited amount of energy I have at the present moment. This dream will remain on hold. I will tag it as a #hobby for now. And thus the start of another blog series.~

Spaces / Places is where I will share moods and looks that I like. You might want to check my previous design dumps here: Inspiration.

This is Jen Chu's 1/2 bedroom apartment. It fits her bed, closet, office and boudoir while still having enough space for decorations, art and knickknacks. I am seeing a lot of design principles that I can hack for my own bedroom – it is quite similar to this one but mine is filled with clutter and I primarily use it as my bookshelf.

One awesome tip she mentions is her use of pages from art magazines as art within her house. She cuts it out and frames them. The images change depending on what she has. This is a cheap and practical way to beautify a house if you don't have access to real art.

Suzi West and I have a lot of things in common. I would love to have a chest of drawers someday. It's the biggest piece in her house but it's also the one with the most charm. You instantly notice it!

Style: Vintage / Retro bag

These days whenever I go out, I bring a lot of stuff with me – that is my makeup, gadgets, camera, and books. And on certain days my nihongo reviewers. It has been chaos rummaging through my bag whenever I need something so in an attempt to organize I've bought plastic envelopes and pouch bags so everything is sorted out. So you see I really need to get a proper bag soon!

I'm currently fascinated with vintage style satchel bags that's not too bulky and plain looking. Sadly I did not find one I liked in SM North nor SM Megamall.

Would you believe I found this gorgeous bag online by chance? I received an email from Lazada approving my affiliate link. I was looking for items to feature and voila, here it is~ I'm currently renewing my BPI online card so I can purchase this. Praying to the shopping spirits, please don't go out of stock! I will buckets! (≖_≖) (ಥ﹏ಥ)

It has a mori girl / vintage chick look to it which I love. <3 haha~
Lady Retro Shoulder Purse Handbag/Cross Tote Bag (Lazada)

More satchel bags, only smaller.
1. Ansee Vintage Cross Body Bag | 2. Elena 5027 Crossbody Bag

Just in case the first one is out of stock (please no!!!) I could go with one of these.
1. 9067 Leather Shoulder Bag (Black) | 2. 6016 Leather Shoulder Bag (Chocolate Brown)