Live an inspired life

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Make plans. Don't settle on plan A. Explore plans B to Z. We have plenty of time and life is filled with many possibilities. Be open to change and failures. Say YES often, you never know where that yes will lead you. ;)

Live the life you love. Love the life you live. - Bob Marley


Life recently... #34

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Life is...

Good and I am very blessed. I have learned the proper places of things. Acceptance is the key. Some may call it tolerance but I have learned to stop the victim-mentality. I am in charge of my choices. :)

Work is...

Excruciating. I still have 3 more months to go. Hang in there you!! (lol my lack-of-sleep face)


Was just at the DFA office, finally got around to getting my papers settled. Get ready 2015. #wanderlust

Prodigal daughter returns. Nihongo benkyou shimasu! がんばてます。

Wandering around...

Art galleries. Note to self: Always bring your camera!

Silent mode exhibit by Rey Aurelio at Art Center, SM Megamall A, 4th flr.